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Academic Integrity Policy

Themselves are not group assignments you may not copy

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themselves are NOT group assignments---you may NOT copy answers or portions of answers from others and you may NOT write down the answers that someone else developed, say in a study session. So, here’s our suggestion. Talk to your classmates about the concepts and ideas---for example, “what exactly is electric potential? And what does it have to do with the upcoming lab?” But, we do not recommend that you answer the pre or post lab questions with other people. When you do this, you are likely to end up writing down the answers that really are someone else’s answers---not your own. If you need help on the actual pre or post labs, you should visit the Physics Tutorial Center or the LTAC’s office hours. This would be the honest way to get assistance when you are struggling. So, it is best to not leave the pre and post lab write-ups to the last minute. If you DO consult with your peers and you want to assure us that you have upheld academic integrity regardless, please acknowledge your peers’ assistance on your report.
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