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If you are unable to attend lecture it is your

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If you are unable to attend lecture, it is YOUR responsibility to contact a classmate to find out what you missed. Course website: The class website is accessible through SmartSite (https://smartsite.ucdavis.edu). This site will have copies of a PowerPoint version of material for each lecture, class handouts, study guides, and links to other useful sites. The information on this site is meant to complement the lecture rather than to replace it. There is also an electronic mailing list for this course. Therefore, plan to check your email and the class website regularly. Textbook: There is no assigned textbook for this course. However, any good microbiology textbook will serve as a good reference. E-mail communication: I will use a class e-mail list for certain communications regarding this course, including information about lectures. If you are enrolled in the course through Banner, you are subscribed to this list. If you drop the course, your subscription will be cancelled. There is a large amount of e-mail spam at UC Davis, and so I discard messages with blank or ambiguous subject lines. Therefore, to ensure that I read your message, please include “MIC 101” in the subject line. Mail to [email protected] .
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MIC 101 Spring 2013 Last revised 4.24.13 2 Please use e-mail communication to arrange appointments. E-mail is a poor medium for answering questions
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If you are unable to attend lecture it is YOUR...

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