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Planning bureau of the war ministry striking austrian

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planning bureau of the war ministry; striking Austrian forces from the south; 1796:  gave  command  of  the  army  of  Italy     creation  of  new  republics  in  Italy  –  eventually declared himself emperor Cisalpine Repubic   ( 1797 ): Napoleon’s army coming down – created a small  republic in Rome ( Roman Republic  –  1798 ) 1799,   legislature   split   between   Neo-Jacobins   &   “ revisionists”   wanted   to  redesign the republic; revisionists wanted to get rid of the Neo-Jacobins, so they  wanted  a  figure   to  become  more   structured     took  Bonaparte  b/c   he   was  considered a hero with wars at the Italian front 1799,   Brumaire   Coup :   denounced   Neo-Jacobin   plot   &   declared   emergency  powers; wrote a new constitution for France, which he called the First   Consul  (himself, for 10 years) Napoleon was concerned with propaganda; the French loved him; wanted a  lasting image – commissioned artists to paint pictures of him (specific depictions)  – OVER exaggerated 1801,   Concordat :   an   agreement   with   Pope   Pius   VII;   Catholicism   was   the  preferred religion for France (still respected other religions in France) 1802, First revision 1804, A hereditary emperor Napoleon eliminated local elections – A  prefect , appointed by Napoleon, would  administer each department Government dropped 10-day calendar & restored Gregorian calendar
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