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Anthropology Sickle Cell Lab

Genotype phenotype malaria heads not infected tails a

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Genotype Phenotype Malaria (Heads) Not infected (Tails) A A (Red-Red) No sickle cell disease. Malarial susceptibility. Die: Place in Non- surviving Live: place in AA A S (Red/White) No sickle cell disease. Malarial resistance. Live: place in AS Live: place in AS S S (White/White) Sickle cell disease Die: place in Non- surviving Die: place in Non- surviving 6. Repeat steps 3–5 until all the beans in the Gene Pool are used up. 7. At the end of the round, COUNT the number of individual red beans (A alleles) and white beans (S alleles) in the containers labeled AA and AS. These individuals survive to reproduce. RECORD those numbers in the F1 TOTAL SURVIVING ALLELES table. Put them in the gene pool afterwards. 8. Using the formulas below, calculate the % allele frequency for each allele in each generation: Total A x 100 = % Allele A Total S x 100 = % Allele S Total A+S Total A+S 9. Repeat the procedure for the F2-F5 generations. Record your results in the TOTAL SURVIVING ALLELES table.
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Anthropology 200 DNA Mutation/Population Genetics lab Procedure: POPULATION 2 1. Place all the 75 red and 25 white beans back into the Gene Pool container and mix the beans up. 3. Simulate genetic drift during fertilization by PICKING OUT two ‘alleles’ (beans) WITHOUT LOOKING. 4. This population is in a non-malarial environment: DO NOT flip a coin. 5. Using the table below, put your alleles into the appropriate container.
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Genotype Phenotype Malaria Heads Not infected Tails A A Red...

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