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Passive immunity objective questions 1 explain the

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Passive immunity Objective Questions: 1. Explain the difference between how lipid-based hormones and hydrophilic (protein) based hormones interact with the target cell. 2. How does negative feedback help an organism maintain homeostasis? 3. What is positive feedback? Give an example. 4. Explain how the hypothalamus, anterior pituitary and the thyroid gland all interact to maintain your metabolism. What happens if sufficient quantities of iodine are missing from your diet? Why does this happen? 5. Explain how insulin and glucagon are used to regulate your blood glucose levels? What happens if the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body doesn’t respond to the insulin? 6. What causes jet lag to occur? 7. Why don’t the seeds germinate within the seed pack that you buy in the store? What environmental conditions are necessary in order to get the seeds to germinate? 8. What would you do if you own an apple orchard and you want increase the rate at which the apples you picked ripened? Explain how adding that hormone triggers a positive feedback system. 9. What are tropisms? Describe how phototropism works? Why is phototropism considered an adaptation?
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AP BIOLOGY 2 10. When do plants know when to flower? Describe how this process is regulated. Describe the difference between short-day and long-day plants. 11. Describe the general functions of the nervous system. 12. What is a sensory neuron? Name 5 types of sensory neuron receptors that can be found within a sensory neuron. (Hint: Think of your 5 senses) 13. Describe how nervous systems detect external and internal signals, transmit and integrate information, and produce responses. Use an example such as hitting your finger with a hammer as an example. Include the following terms: sensory neuron, interneuron, integration, motor neuron & effector 14. Draw and label a typical neuron.
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