Smartphone Apps that help Business Growth and Improve Customer Service Journal Entry

7 google maps for android this app is probably my

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7. Google Maps for Android - This app is probably my favorite, and it's one I use every single day--even when I know how to get to where I'm going. It's much better than Google Maps for your computer, and it also trumps the iPhone's version of this app (sorry, Apple fans!). Tell this app where you're headed, and it gives you different routes and tells you how long each will take based on the current traffic conditions. You can even use it when you're taking public transportation. For example, I was recently in New York and used it all the time to figure out the quickest way to get somewhere on the subway. It knows that sometimes taking two or three different trains may get you to your destination faster than staying on the same one, and it's sure to give you that option. Also when in an unfamiliar city, it's nice to know the fastest route so you don't seem like a tourist to the cab driver who's looking to rack up your fee. 8. Google Drive - Google Drive is an alternative to Dropbox. It's a place to store all your files, but much more handy and secure than a hard drive because it's in the cloud. I can access my files from my phone, my computer, or even from my friend's phone or computer. I never have to worry about losing important documents I'm working on because everything is automatically saved as I write, and can easily be shared with the rest of my team. 9. Venmo - Venmo offers the fastest way to give or receive money from someone. Say you and your friends are splitting the check for dinner or for cab fare and one of you is footing the bill to get it taken care of faster. When using Venmo it will help speed up the IOU process. You don't have to figure out all the details then and there,
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but as soon as you do, Venmo will automatically alert your friends when you've transferred money to them. It doesn't matter what the increment--it's all free. It's also significantly faster and easier to use than PayPal, and all you need to pay or receive money from someone is a name, number, or email address. 10. Glympse - Glympse is a mobile app that lets you quickly share where you are with others. Glympse syncs with your calendar. With one click, you can send your meeting attendees a text or email that will open up a Google map with your location, rate of travel, and estimated time of arrival. The best part is, the people who need to know where you are don't need to have the app, or even have a phone, in order to access the information. And you have the option to stop sharing this information once you get to your location. REFERENCES How Does Technology Improve Customer Service? eHow Leading Cloud-Based Call Center Software. Most Advanced Technology. Ilya Pozin founded his first company, Ciplex , at 17. The digital marketing and creative agency caters to small businesses and start-ups.
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Smartphone Apps that help Business Growth and Improve Customer Service Journal Entry

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