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The 8 th edition of the prescribed book can also be

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The 8 th edition of the prescribed book can also be used. Please take note that the study guide you receive on registration is based on the 8 th edition of the prescribed book. Appendix A contains a list of all differences in page references between the 8 th and 9 th editions of the prescribed book. If you are using the 9 th edition of the prescribed book, please ensure that you indicate all the changes in your study guide before you start studying. 5 TUTORIAL MATTER The Department of Despatch should supply you with the following tutorial matter for this module: one study guide a number of tutorial letters A Unisa: services and procedures brochure Note: The tutorial matter will not necessarily be available on registration. If this is the case it will be posted to you as soon as possible.
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4 6 ASSESSMENT Assessment for this module consist of two compulsory assignments and a written, closed-book examination. 6.1 ASSIGNMENTS We wish to bring the following important points regarding assignments to your attention: Objectives of assignments Unlike residential universities, the University of South Africa does not require students to write tests to gain examination entry. Assignments are used for this purpose. The assignments serve as an important criterion to determine whether the students have studied the matter in the study guides in a systematic fashion and are able to research certain prescribed subjects. At the same time, the students become conversant with the standards applied at the university, broaden their knowledge of their subject and gain valuable practice in answering questions. Four assignments are set for this module. Both assignments 01 and 02 are compulsory . They must be submitted to the University for assessment and will contribute towards your final assessment mark for this module. Assignments 03 and 04 are self-evaluation assignments and may not be submitted the University for assessment . You may complete them after you have studied the relevant sections of the work. Try to answer the assignment questions without consulting the study guide and prescribed book . After you have completed the assignments, evaluate your answers by using the guidelines provided in Appendix C . You have to submit assignment 01 before the due date in order to be admitted to the examination. Assignment 01 consists of 20 multiple choice questions while Assignments 02, 03 and 04 contain essay questions. Plagiarism Plagiarism is the act of taking words, ideas and thought of others and passing them off as your own. It is a form of theft which involves a number of dishonest academic activities. Unethical use of another person’s work for research or study purposes may, in addition to the infringement of the copyright owner’s economic rights, also infringe the author’s moral rights and constitute a criminal offence.
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