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Foer 16 the military will continue to influence the

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afternoons channel surfing with the remote control.” (Foer 16) The military will continue to influence the differences and integrations for the migration of popular cultures and the effectiveness for globalization. Communities with diverse cultures have the greater percentage for influencing American and other countries music, fashion, food, movies, TV, and the markets for global consumerism. Americans have repackaged culture products which are received and then transmit the product to the rest of the nations, and do so more dazzlingly than the other countries. American history as a military of immigrants will teach society to synthesize and incorporate the culture and popular expressions of a wide range of nationalities and ethnicities. Communities are the consumers of American intellectual and artistic influences par excellence. Ferla makes the same connection as the military is linked to these countries mentioned, “The globalization of popular culture and its many and varied effects around the world. Frequently, this process has been driven and dominated by developed countries and their transnational companies. However, the peoples of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean have also appropriated and transformed European and North American cultural forms, infusing them with their own cultures and concerns.” (Ferla 6) The combination of interracial relationships and the open-minded families collectively joined through communities will take on new forms for understanding the effects for popular culture submission. Cultures dissimilar across the region intertwine through the combination of the military and the choice of sharing and learning new ideas from what is unknown or misunderstood. Americans, other countries, and tribes have specific values, religious beliefs, traditional foods, and normal daily activities specifically different and generally easy to understand for the sake of
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a better way of thinking. Appia illustrates how certain aspects of life becomes a norm whereas
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