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To approve though louis didnt want to participate too

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to approve though – Louis didn’t want to participate Too many assignats therefore, inflation Lots of problems for the National Assembly April 1792, France went to war against coalition of Austria, Prussia The Assembly arrested every one of the refractory clergy Louis vetoed the order for National guardsmen to protect Paris & arrest clergy and that was his last act as king Radical members of the assembly wanted to start a war; conservative members of the assembly wanted to avoid war & appease threats by staying conservative Louis hoped this would stop the revolution, but he is now a prisoner of Paris August 1792, armed Parisians spurred by the Jacobin club: radical political club in Paris; stormed the royal palace & National Assembly had nothing to do but get Louis suspended; half of the assembly ended up fleeing; decide what to do with king 2 nd Revolution (1792-1794) France went from a constitutional monarchy into a democratic republic Instituted a revolutionary dictatorship & reign of terror which seemed as enemies of the people Parisian militants ( sans-culottes , “without pants” Jacobin) coming into prisons; September 1792 – massacres; killing over 2,000 prisoners January 1793 – Louis XVI was executed by guillotine; everyone agreed he was
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to approve though Louis didnt want to participate Too many...

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