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Popular film genres the western individuals wandering

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-- Popular film genres: The western, individuals wandering, forging for themselves. Reconstruction about the west, it’s not real, an era that never happens. Nostalgia! Leaving out all the stuff not so pleasant. Musicas, Historical epochs (not draw too many specific parallels), film noir (means black in French), (underground film movement), crime films the films that look at the seedier side of life. -- Blacklisting: those who made films that were seen as un-American. Some alleged to be involved with communism or hard left organizations. Could not find work. To affirm their own Americanism, accused others. Director Elliot Cazam, Immigrant, films about immigration . B. Literature: stay above ideological terms, pretty startling stuff being produced, reaching an audience that isn’t popular literature. Ask question about society and American identity and reality. Not read widely, loyal audience. Popular literature: Tootle, I married a Communist. Encourages a certain worldview. C. Comic Books: A popular media. Develop out of newspaper comics. In the 1930s. Controversy as usual. Reaches a head of the 1950s. Comic books had nothing but negative influence on youth according to Frederic Wertham. Arguments usually weak. “Seduction of the Innocent” popular book. Congressional hearings is what it leads to. Comics code: Has a lot of stuff designed just to avoid all the nasty stuff that people have been complaining about, nudity prohibited, divorce is not humorous, liquor and tobacco not to be shown , females should be drawn realistically, no case should evil be presented, scenes dealing with supernatural are prohibited, crime on a comic title should not appear alone on cover. Police, established authority, cannot be shown in a bad way. D. Music: Rise of rock n roll. Interesting: It is a crossover: mingles hill billy and the blues. Distribution of ethnic music, but stripped of actually ethnicity. Outsider music accessible to teens. Rebellious sound and dance. E. Television: existed in the 1920s, commercially TV takes off during late 40s. 1946, there are about 17,000 tvs. Ten years later, 40 million sets used.
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Sports, news, advertising. TV endorses a uniform image, white middle class suburban image.
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Popular film genres The western individuals wandering...

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