Which of the following is the firewall described above A Proxy firewall B

Which of the following is the firewall described

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policy. Which of the following is the firewall described above? A. Proxy firewall B. Packet filtering firewall C. Stateful firewall D. Link layer firewall Answer: B QUESTION 55 This device is used between the zones with different security level, control the information exchanged between two networks, enforce the implementation of unified security policy, and prevent the intruder from copying and accessing the important information illegally. In short words, it protects the security of the system. Which of the following devices provides the function mentioned above? A. Gateway B. Router C. Firewall D. IDS
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Answer: C QUESTION 56 Which of the following statements regarding proxy firewall are correct? (Select multiple) A. Proxy firewall does not support abundant services. B. The performance of proxy firewall is higher. C. Proxy firewall has better security compared with packet filtering firewall. D. For the proxy firewall, a module must be developed for each application. Therefore, the development cost is high. Answer: ABD QUESTION 57 Which of the following commands can switch a view from the system view to the user view? A. Quit B. Router C. User-view D. System-view Answer: A QUESTION 58 Which component of the VRP platform provides user authentication charging and user policy management? A. Versatile control plane B. System management plane C. Service control plane Answer: C QUESTION 59 Which of the following methods are supported by VRP platform to configure the router? A. Through FTP B. Through the AUX port C. Through the Console port D. Through Telnet
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