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Maintaining Job Descriptions

He decided to delegate the responsibility of writing

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members of his staff. He decided to delegate the responsibility of writing the new job description to an outsider whom he has hired to do so. The hired person is therefore to present a proposal to
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WRITING JOB DESCRIPTION the company on what process he is going to follow in order to write better job descriptions ( Mader, 2008). 2. Reasons why it is important to update and write new job descriptions. Job descriptions are part and parcel of performing work in a given work situation. Marvin wanted to rewrite new job description for the new work force that was coming into the company. He thinks that it is important to write job description because the existing one was written by a consultant, some eight years ago, it is long overdue. In addition, there are some positions which were created since then, but those employers have not been operating according to the guidelines of any job descriptions it is required (Fowler 2003). The General Manager feels that he is over burdened with a lot of work, which include human resource management. He feels that he has a lot of responsibilities which cannot allow him to have time for writing the job description for his workers. Rewriting the job description would also include job analysis, updating the existing descriptions because this would help the company in matching the workers with the type of work that they are comfortable doing. Rewriting job descriptions also involves the process of writing new tasks, KSAOs and intrinsic and extrinsic rewards that comes as part of the job description (Mathis, 2008). 3. Outline a process that will yield a set of thorough, current job descriptions. Outlining new descriptions would normally include a process which needs a thorough consideration of many factors. This writing process normally includes an analysis of the job in question and the rewards involved. As you undertake the writing process, you must include the following as part the job proposal (Bohlander & Snell 2010).
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