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This form follows regular rules making it easy for

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use one form of citation, called APA citation, for all of your courses. This form follows regular rules, making it easy for writers to use and readers to understand. APA C ITATION Often when we write, we find it helpful to include information written by another author. We can use the APA citation style to identify this added information. For example, pretend you are writing an informative paper on Eleanor Roosevelt. You probably already know several things about her, including the fact that she was President Franklin D. Roosevelt's wife. You might also know that she was President Theodore Roosevelt's niece. To write a good paper, however, you are going to have to do some research, and a great place to start is the Kaplan Library (which you can access by clicking the “Library” icon at the top right-hand corner of any Kaplan page). If you are looking for books, once in the library, click "Traditional Books." You might find the book Casting Her Own Shadow: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Shaping of Postwar Liberalism by Allida M. Black. From this book, you would learn that Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the founders of the United Nations. You do not need to limit yourself to just books, however. Articles can be very useful, and the Kaplan Library has several databases full of articles. To access them, you would enter the library and then click "Electronic Articles." Academic Search Elite is one useful database which you will use a great deal as a Kaplan University student. Within it, you might find the article "A First Lady of Many Firsts" by Lewis Lord, an article appearing in US News and World Report in December 2003. This article contains many interesting facts, including that she was the first to take unscripted questions from reporters. Prior to this, reporters had to submit questions ahead of time to both presidents and first ladies. Eleanor Roosevelt felt this limited free speech. Two days later, her husband followed her lead and this White House tradition ended. Websites can also prove valuable, but it is important to evaluate their credibility. Look for websites that have an author or organization with credentials listed. For example, the PBS website contains information on many people it has profiled, including Eleanor Roosevelt. Here is the link to it: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/eleanor/ . In navigating this page, you might find information about how the FBI, at J. Edgar Hoover's order, created a 3,000 page file on Eleanor Roosevelt. He felt her support for anti- lynching laws, her opposition to Senator Joseph McCarthy, and her other views were a danger to the American status quo. 3111_wl_rcp_apa1.doc Page 2 of 5
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Now that we have our sources, it is time to write the reference page. It is a good idea to do this as you go along, so that you do not have to try to find articles a second time. A reference page is very valuable because it identifies where you, the author, found your information. Not only does this make what you have written more credible, it also makes it easy for your readers to get more information on your topic --you have provided them with a list!
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