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How could they have so many stores why there was one

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would be considered ordinary for a urban setting. “How could they have so many stores? Why! There was one just for tobacco alone…The roar of the city began to frighten her.” (pg 40). She later went to a highbrow event and makes various people of prestigious status and made evaluations of life of the wealthy class. America and the Young Intellectual Harold Stearns gives his opinion on the work of Stuart P. Sherman’s article “The National Genius” and shares his own thoughts in beliefs as well. Sherman gives his idea of what the future holds for America and it’s youth, though a narrative. “Mr. Sherman pictures himself at a typical American public dinner…At all events there is much talk of progress and efficiency increased production, sanitation and sobriety; and a future republic flowing with milk and honey” (pg 10). Stearns thinks Sherman is to optimistic claiming, “The picture Mr. Sherman has sketched is a caricature in the true sense of the word, i.e., a kernel of truth covered by different individual absurdities and weaknesses.” (pg 11). Stern goes on to make a comparison between his and Sherman’s opinion on artists and writers relationship to society. While they both believe that artists and writers live in a society that is before their time. Artistic rebels cannot be expected to be completely accepted by society and vise versa but artists will make art that expresses that times that they live in. “After all, great art is art of acceptance and fulfillment of life; rarely of repudiation and contempt, and never of indifference.” (pg 14).
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