13 explain the components of marketing mix 14 explain

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13. Explain the components of marketing mix. 14. Explain the environmental factors influencing the marketing mix of a marketer. 15. Define sales forecasting. State the importance of sales forecasting. 16. Explain the technique of sales forecasting. 17. Emphasize the role of MIS in sales forecasting. 18. Design a sales forecasting procedure by bringing out its components. Annamalai University
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67 CASES / PROBLEMS (UNIT II) 1. Suma Limited has a product range of steel furniture, cosmetics, drugs, cattle feed, refrigerators and typewriters. The company has market potential throughout India. How would you segment, the market for Suma Ltd? (Refer Lesson 6) 2. Bata shoes are gradually losing their position in the market. Suggest a strategy to reposition them. (Refer Lesson 7) 3. State the factors influencing the TV buyers. The extent of their influence and the appropriate approach of marketers have also to be highlighted. Refer Lesson 8) 4. You are making and marketing mosquito nets. Now the market is flooded wit mosquito repellents. How would you manipulate your marketing mix to face the market situation? (Refer Lesson 9) REFERENCE BOOKS (UNIT II) FUNDAMENTAL OF MARKETING - William J. Stanton MARKETING MANAGEMENT - Philip Kotler MARKETING MANAGEMENT - V.S. Ramaswamy S. Namakumari PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF MARKETING IN INDIA - Dr. C.B. Mamoria R.L. Joshi PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING - S.A. Sherlekar S.J. Salvadore Victor Dr. K. Nirmala Prasad Annamalai University
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