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Write the chemicol eguotion for the overoll process

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Write the chemicol eguotion for the overoll process of photosynthesis. bvl r; * b(: b2 :!"\'l)\il "*) Ct, ll rr CI& + (pC z 13. Explain yrhgt"lgPPens during the Light Dependent stageof photosynthesis. lrgu^.t etrfr$Y 't lr6.!-e,ir" i.v ;'[ii+vt.#1,,'f tt rL i.e -r.,qE: , ilnter ',", .,,*.rk * Urd ["', \,,.{ r€[t . -The tlBhf b,rtAlldc,ruri 1'htr &adfijrr i$''1D i,y-drr,$t.r1 n u'd a,Y',rsd4r\ Li'i4 4.ry q*1". '," ii f"lf fl,ir:ci . 14. Exploin whqt hoppens during the Lighf Tndependent stoge of photosynthesis. - l:.*.lr6.*e t." i'l ir..r:cc'rE !!f',',::/eto*+i !r<rr.- StoX" t tc -<+Ct"tr{ } '(arUcn oi;p1rde ent€rS. \-, (\rlt:tt ':rrxicru y trycirocXt-*t ti'i'rr''* r1\-*:E1;g"
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a_ t5. Where is the energy needed for photosynthesis stored? l'4 )1p fi,i1 [d c{ i{ t6. Define ond give on exomple of eacht OUtOtfOph - t" t\'Jt-"''"t:i\ it 'r:r: 'i ' r-' ' hetefotropft - Dt't1l'.iir;r1,' ;, ]'i\,i i:\r'''a : ir':' i;"f,' ':' : :!' ' :' r:r'" rch'cl"' ') t7. Labelthe reoctonis & products of the light-dependent & light-ind ependent stoges of photosynthesisl Si tr 18. Drow & lobel the steps of photosynthesis (reoctonts & products). '--rl tt Qi,":* kr-i ci_,i0 1,, !j 1,.- 'r 1 /1!), x-1-trr i.ri'i,.1{' :ir: _, i , a', lzri- i r-r. G,-yrgqL r*.".-c
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,- - 19. What is the Calvin cycle? A pot+h*.a,y +o conwr + encr$Y Trorn ATP ard N'tpPB infD 3lr.'cosc. 2O.What reactants go into it? - .-A1? . eo> .N4PFH . Hydroffn' . Where do these reactants come froni?
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