4 E commerce channel directly selling to consumers through online store at

4 e commerce channel directly selling to consumers

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4. E-commerce channel, directly selling to consumers through online store at gopro.com. (GoPro, 2017) Marketing and Sales Consumers marketing strategy: GoPro uses social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, to allow consumers to share their GoPro video content. Additionally, GoPro consolidates these user- generated content and GoPro’s original content to advertise on different advertising channels (GoPro, 2017). GoPro also work with various established companies and well- known athletes and celebrities to create a strong sense of presence in the consumers’ everyday life (GoPro, 2017). After-sales Service Money back guarantee for selected products any time within 30 days of receiving of order, if consumer is not satisfied, they can return it for a full refund with terms and conditions applied. GoPro products and accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing defects one (1) year from the original date of purchase. (GoPro, 2017)
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11 Support Activities: Firm Infrastructure GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman, with headquarter located at San Francisco HR management Health and fitness programs for the employees, where they designed to include “everything from physical, social and mental and pre ventative wellness”. The company provides employees with yoga and boot camp courses, healthy food choices and various health screenings (Gaus, 2016). Technology Development Increase investment on research and development from 36 million USD in 2012 to 358 million USD in 2016. Hold many patents through heavy research and development. Procurement Most of the components are from sole suppliers as they all have special requirements, and it will not be cost effective to source from multiple suppliers (GoPro, 2017). 4. Competitor Analysis
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