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One on one with Richard Branson

Ibelieve that sawith its exciting and changing

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"Ibelieve that SA;with its exciting and changing markets, has a great business outlook. SAentrepreneurs should persevere and never give up on that in which they strongly believe." What do you suggest that South African companies do in order to deal with the skills shortages that industries currently face? "Training, upliftment and investing in people to plug the gaps." Despite being a sizeable business, Virgin South Africa states that all job applicants must apply for positions directly, why? "Welook to recruiting people who can live the virgin culture - one that is motivated fun, very driven and personalities that have that little bit of magic." "If you're looking to succeed, it has to be about more than simply making money" In order to retain staff, you state that one has to keep them entertained and make their lives enjoyable, how do you achieve this? "Company heads have to realise that when it comes to their employees; the work they do is their life and therefore, must be made enjoyable." How do you deal with employee mistakes? "Agood company functions as if it were a family. Ifyour son messes up, you wouldn't kick him out of the house ..." How does utilising yourself as a brand impact on your relationships with your employees? "Ifyou keep your employees happy, they'll ensure that your customers are impressed. Theleast Ican do is to assist in raising apositive profile for
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