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067 0067 107 107 5725 8 using the third

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0.067 0.09 30 2.01 0.067 0.13 40 42.8 1.07 45.8 50 53.5 1.07 57.25
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8) Using the third circuit in Problem #5, answer the following questions. What would happen to the brightness of the other bulbs/resistors if a) We remove the 5Ω resistor b) We remove the 10Ω resistor c) We remove the 20Ω resistor d) We remove the 30Ω resistor e) We remove the 40Ω resistor f) We remove the 50Ω resistor 9) A piece of wire made of Iron is 0.15 meters long and goes from a 120V source to a 200Ω resistor. From the other side of the resistor is a 0.5 meter long wire made of Nichrome which goes back to the 120V source. Both wires have a radius of 8x10 -5 meters. a) What is the current flowing through this circuit? b) What is the power dissipated by each of the wires? c) What is the voltage drop across each wire? 10) For the first circuit in question 5, how many electrons flow through the 5Ω resistor every hour? 1.02x10 23 e’s
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