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Suggests ancient prokaryotes probably used glycolysis

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~suggests ancient prokaryotes probably used glycolysis to make ATP before oxygen was present happens in cytoplasm without mitochondria ~ suggests it was in early prokaryotic cells before eukaryotes appeared eukaryotes appeared 1 billion years after prokaryotes (Endosymbiotic theory) OIL RIG O xidation I s L osing electrons R eduction I s G aining electrons
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WITHOUT OXYGEN (anaerobic) Pyruvate FERMENTATION Regenerates NAD+ carriers to allow glycolysis to continue ALCOHOLIC FERMENTATION Pyruvate CO 2 + alcohol + NAD + Used by microorganisms to make beer/wine Used by yeast to make bread LACTIC ACID FERMENTATION Pyruvate lactic acid + NAD + Human muscle cells when oxygen is low during exercise WITH OXYGEN GLYCOLYSIS KREBS CYCLE ETC HIGH ENERGY ELECTRON CARRIERS: (B-vitamin coenzymes) NAD + NADH FAD FADH 2 FACULTATIVE ANAROBES (Ex: yeast/some bacteria) can switch back and forth between fermentation/respiration depending on O 2 availability Pyruvate transported into mitochondrial matrix
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