Vii schools and relevant authorities should hold

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vii. Schools and relevant authorities should hold seminars and training sessions for students in co-curricular activities to broaden their career choices. This will ensure that students make informed choices and have right attitudes towards co-curricular activities. viii. Schools should re-evaluate the role of co- curricular activities as a tool to connect students to the elementary schools.
48 5.5 Suggested areas for further research The research conducted was to examine the influence students‟ participation in co-curricular activities in baitul hikmt academy Gujranwala. The researcher recommended for further research in the following areas: i. Development of children‟ activities from early childhood centers, primary schools and institutions of higher learning; ii. The transition of talented learners from formal schools to professional co-curricular clubs. iii. A study to look into the long term effects of athletic participation and the relationship to academic success. iv. The operationalization of the Ministry of Education talent centers in Elementary schools.