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Question37Ptd Aiblf l bthb th hhi hl bilitdh lddifitidltthht b thd fdifft lth dlt tiStkldtithithld blikd iiCompletefComment:Short answer: What are some problems that can arise with poorly chosen host or DNS names? 2 marks.You will susceptible to problems regarding hardware/network failures, or attacks such as DDOS attacks.Comment:Attackers can spot inconsistent namesShort answer: What is symmetric encryption and how does it work? 2 marks.Symmetric encryption is a type of encryption process where both parties share the same secret encryption key to encrypt and decrypt any data, which must be kept secret from any third parties to prevent any security hazards.Comment:Short answer: How do hashing algorithms/functions work and why are they useful? 2 marks.Hashing algorithms/functions work by using any input data array of arbitrary length to output a bit string of a certain length, based on which algorithm/function you are using the output may be different. This is useful because both processes are very hard to decrypt, and make it easyto provide a secure way to send data one way.Comment:Long answer: Explain how the TLS handshake works when you browse towith a browser or command line client. Specifically, explain what happens before encrypted data is transmitted between the client and server. 5 marks.Before encrypted data can be transmitted between client and server, the TLS handshake first has to occur. The steps to the TLS handshake Protocol when browsingare:- The client sends hello messages to to agree on algorithms, random values, and check for session resumption- The server itec2210 then replies back sending the necessary cryptographic parameters for premaster secret and to agree on certificates and cryptographic information to authenticate the client and server to each other.- The client then generates a master secret from the premaster secret and exchanged random values to the match the server itec2210- After all this, the encrypted data is then sent and received by the relevant parties, where in this case we would be able to browse and accessfrom our side.Comment:Long answer: Why are configuration management tools like Puppet and Ansible useful? What kind of tasks would you carry out using either tool? 5 marks.Ptd Aiblf l bthb th hhi hl bilitdh lddifitidltthht b thd fdifft lth dlt tiStkldtithithld blikd ii
Mark 4.00 out of5.00Question38CompleteLong answer: How does TCP work? Explain the types of packets, how they are ordered during handshakes, and what they contain. 5 marks.Mark 1.00 out of5.00Puppet and Ansible are useful because they both have high scalability and can help speed up modifications or deployments, thought both are used for different length deployment times. Some tasks you could carry out with either could be cloning packages and images, versioncontrolling, and distributing and installing infrastructure as code like software.Comment:
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