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The Political Reformation Notes

He started his life as soldier then went into

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no social rank to speak of and he was intelligent; not unlike Wolsey. He started his life as soldier, then went into business (banking), he later work for Wolsey and became connected to the king. He offered a new view of policies. - 1532; Supplication against the Ordinances, - 1532; Submission of the Clergy (Undermines Convocation), Archbishop of Canterbury William Warham 1450-1532 leads the submission by the church to parliament. - 1532; Act of Restraint of Annates stopped the flow of money from the church in England to Rome. - 1533: Act of Restraint Appeals: Restrains appeals to go outside of England, to prevent Katherine from appealing to Rome. Cromwell focuses on undermining the church in England and severing all ties to Rome. - January 1533 Henry marries Anne Boleyn secretly by the newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer who was a serious reformer who favored Protestantism. Cranmer headed a committee to determine the validity of Henry’s marriage to Katherine and of course it was found invalid. Princess Mary was demoted to Lady Mary and declared a bastard. - September 1533 Anne gave birth to Princess Elizabeth. Henry was assured that the next child would be a boy/heir.
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