Such skills enable the nurses to be all round and be

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expected to have special pediatric, adult and midwife training. Such skills enable the nurses to be all round and be able to handle major medical situations. Salary and wage scales for Advanced Practice Nurses Advanced practice nurses earn a basic salary that ranges between $80,000 and $130,000 in a year. However, these figures are depended upon the area in which such nurses are deployed and the resources available in the resident states. Additionally, those nurses that
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NATALLY SHADWICK RESUME 8 have acquired specialized education such as pediatric care provision and gerontology are poised to earn more than their counterparts who boast of fewer skills. Academic Qualifications In the US certifications for nurses are provided by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Advanced practice nurses are considered to fall under categories such as family nursing, gerontology, acute and adult care ( Wagner, 2014 ). One of the conditions for certification is that they need to be registered members and have some working experience in the fields they are seeking certification for. Certification by the ANCC is subject to the nurse passing an eligibility examination. After passing the eligibility examination, the nurses are required to have an RN license that is valid in their states of operation. After the ANCC examination, the nurse is expected to take a minimum of six months of study before attempting the board certification examination. Professional Associations An advanced practice Nurse has to be a member of the American Nurses Association. Such associations act as proof of the qualifications of the nurse beside being a recipe for professional benefits for the APN.
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