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Microsoft has a brand loyalty and if the surface is

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Unformatted text preview: Microsoft has a brand loyalty and if the Surface is advertised towards windows users and show off its desktop interface with the keyboard cover it would add value in the consumers mind. The Surface value should exceed that of an iPad in consumers mind and make it the premium brand in the tablet market. 4. What key consumer need(s) will be satisfied by the product? The Surface can satisfy functional and psychological needs. The Surface would allow consumers to run any program just like a laptop and with its easy to use design make it a product to show off to friends and family. 5. Explain the message theme. If you can say just ONE thing, what is it? “More than just a tablet in one click.” 6. Is there any objective evidence you might use to support the message theme? If not, fine. This is based off of Microsoft’s advertising for the Surface showing how easy it is to attach the keyboard cover and how its product is different than all the other tablets....
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