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From approved food sources such as licensed food

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from approved food sources, such as licensed food processing plants, meat suppliers inspected and licensed by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS), or licensed grocery stores. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the production and distribution of all food items (except meat and poultry) sold in interstate commerce (Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals). I will also have to pass a health inspection. This is so I know my restaurant is a safe place to work in. A zoning permit is also required. This allows me to occupy my restaurant. The chef will also have to pass a food safety course. I will also take this to make sure I know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. Finally, a fire inspection must be passed. This is to make sure that all the wiring and food equipment is good to go and now a hazard to the restaurant. All these permits and approvals can take up to several months to pass. Design, Furnishings, and Equipment When designing your restaurant, it takes thought behind how you want to have the layout. When walking into the front door, I will have a seating room. If you go though the door on the right, it will have a game room for the kids when they are waiting. Instead of
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having multiple rooms for dinning, I have one big open room where everyone can see everyone. I also have a room guests can rent out for parties, which is only open under a reservation. After walking though the seating room, through the dinning room, there will be bathrooms to the left and the kitchen straight back. There won’t be doors to get into the kitchen, but curvy walls so guests cant see straight into the kitchen and what is going on. I will have a big grill, small grill, oven, fryer, coolers and refrigerators, pop machines, a cooler for the beer and wine. I will also have a salad bar cooler for all the dressings salad, and other foods that need to be cooled. By having separate coolers, my employees will know exactly where something goes and doesn’t have problems getting in and out of it when we are busy. Also, it won’t be crowded in the cooler and it would be less likely to get cross contamination. This is important because more and more guests are coming out to eat with allergy problems because they know how to handle them and it is my responsibility to make sure each and every guest gets taken care of. Off to the right of the kitchen I will have the dishwashing area. This will be where the employees trash the rest of the food and stack plates according to size. Off to the left will be the drink station. We will have coke products because employees drink Pepsi products faster because of the mt dew. This layout is a simple layout but works great for my restaurant. Employment of Key Personnel When owning a restaurant, it is the responsibility of the manger to choose who will work in the restaurant and where they will work. At my restaurant, there will be two head chefs. We call them grill masters. I don’t want too many because I want the taste to always be the same so the guests are knowing what they are suppose to be getting their food, and how it will taste. If there are too many head cooks, something could get
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from approved food sources such as licensed food processing...

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