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Assignment 2.1 Restaurant Review

Chef background previous restaurants styletechniques

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-Chef: background, previous restaurants, style/techniques, focus, inspirations -Community: How has this restaurant integrated itself into the local community? -“The history of the restaurant is sometimes what readers find interesting and maybe decide to pay a visit because of that. For example, you would want to visit Café Allegro because it claimed to be the oldest café in Seattle or the first Starbucks in Pike’s Place because well it is the first! Also, you wouldn’t want to drive an hour to Ivar’s for burritos when they are famous for fish and chips.” -“If it is a restaurant of a big reputation or a long history, you should reconsider your audience, (Are you writing for aliens who have never heard about this local well-known restaurant? Or are you writing for native people who have known and admired this restaurant for long? ) *MENU -Selection/Style -What type of food does the restaurant serve? What meals, and what meals are their specialties? -What individual dishes did you try? Do they have a specialty, or a dish for which they are known? -“What is good for an appetizer, an entree, and should you or should you not skip dessert? -Quality -How do things taste? What might be improved? “The review of the food should be descriptive and vivid, including details of the food’s style, the smell, the look and the taste, giving the audience a thorough description.” -Variety/creativity: Is there a lot to choose from? Are they willing to accommodate dietary restrictions? -“Authenticity”: if it’s ethnic food, it is claiming to be authentic? Does it seem to be? Why? What does this mean? Or is it more of an experimental/fusiony style? -Food sources: is this a restaurant concerned with the recent attention to locavorism? If not, does it matter? -Presentation of food: do things look appetizing? Are they artfully displayed? How big are the portions? -What’s the drink situation? Do they serve alcohol? Anything special? How’s the water? -Price: How much does a meal cost? How about individual items? Is it worth it? For your particular audience? “A reviewer must surmise his meal succinctly to persuade the reader of the restaurant’s worth in relation to some arbitrary rating system. In addition to addressing the quality of service of the restaurant staff, it is common practice to quantify the quality and quantity of food servings in relation to price.” *SERVICE When dining out the service can prove to be defining characteristic of the
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entire dining out experience. The time from when food is ordered to when
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Chef background previous restaurants styletechniques focus...

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