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Temporal summation increased stimulus results in more

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Temporal summation: increased stimulus results in more action potentials Peripheral modulation: Lateral Inhibition: When u activate the neurons around the site of damage, they are actually inhibiting those action potentials. the capacity of an excited neuron to reduce the activity of its neighbors. Lateral inhibition sharpens the spatial profile of excitation in response to a localized stimulus. Central modulation: descending signal from brain to periphery. Receptive fields: every sensory receptor operates on the concept of receptor fields. Center surround: little disk inside larger disk. Ganglion cell’s receptive field. Whatever the small group of photo receptors sees, the ganglion cell also sees. Photoreceptors are excitatory, so ganglion cell is activated. (center on cell). Center on, surround off. Hierarchical Organization o Specificity and complexity increases with each level o Sensation- detecting a stimulus o Perception-understanding the stimulus Direction of light is the opposite of the direction of information flow Axons of ganglion cells are the optic nerve Photoreceptors o Rods: black/white, dark, periphery of retina, many rods to one ganglion, participating in lateral inhibition o Cones: color vision, light, concentrated in fovea, few cones to one ganglion
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o Ganglion cells: outputs of retina Horizontal cells and Amacrine cells modulate connections between ganglion cells and photoreceptors Bipolar cells connect the ganglion cells and photoreceptors Photoreceptor ganglion cell optic nerve brain Light and information flow When looking at darker colors, with less stimuli, there Is less lateral inhibition Purpose of lateral inhibition is boundary detection
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Temporal summation increased stimulus results in more...

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