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shakespeare paper

This passage reflects more than what is at the

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This passage reflects more than what is at the surface however. The underlying irony of this identifier for Malvolio is it is a confirmation of the Jester’s identity as well. Throughout the play, the Jester Feste is made out to be the fool of the town. However, in reality Feste is the character with the most intelligence and only speaks the truth. Feste, regardless of his fool reputation, is the voice of reason in the play. These words of wisdom can be seen throughout the play whenever there is a song interference. While Feste is known as the fool, Malvolio is Orsino’s right hand man, expected to be wise. However, in reality, Malvolio is the actual fool, proven by this passage when he gets tricked by Maria and Toby. It seems to me, Malvolio and Feste have jumbled up their identities
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and corresponding reputations. While Feste is smart but seen as a fool, Malvolio is a fool but seen as smart. This idea also brings about the topic of social status. Malvolio is arguably more respected by Illyria and its inhabitants than Feste is, but for what? Feste is the more deserving of the two. This concept emphasizes the character blindness of the other characters of the play. Which, I suppose is connected to the central theme of character blindness that is present through the eniritey of the play. This passage just supports the constant confusion in character that occurs between the characters. Once again, this play is full of characters taking on the role of other characters, disguising and tricking everyone in their path. This passage not only proves the false identity of Malvolio, but also the various other false identities going on at the same time throughout.
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This passage reflects more than what is at the surface...

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