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KathyAntetomaso_BusinessMath_Unit 1_Assignment_part2

Cutting all of the coupons out was very time

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of the coupons I had then cross checking them with the CVS sales ad. Cutting all of the coupons out was very time consuming and we had coupons everywhere but it was well worth the effort. The savings from the free shaving gel was $797.94, add that together with the $744 in Extra Bucks and the 4 hours it took us to go through all the coupons ended up with a value of $1,541.94. A step I recommend to others would be to check your local ads ahead of time. Most of the larger retailers post their ads weeks in advance so it is easy to plan ahead. Even though I personally received a great deal on my purchase saving money by stock piling is not always the best deal. Some of the things you need to look at are, 1. Does the item expire? If it does, will I use it all before it does expire. 2. Will there be any out of pocket expense at all? If there is, is that an expense that can be afforded right now? If not is the great price really great deal? A long term savings does not help if it gets you in trouble in the now. Another drawback associated with comparison shopping is store stock levels. After spending time comparing and analyzing arriving at the selected store only to find others did the same thing and they are out of stock can be a great disappointment not mention a huge waste of time. The largest drawback for me is compromising item quality. Just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it is better. In my pizza comparison for example, I prefer the taste and freshness of Lumber Jack Pizza over Dominos and will pay the extra to get the better quality. Saving money by comparison shopping can be good thing, a very good thing. It is wise to always have a backup plan. One back up plan might be to find the lowest cost store that is near the one you chose. If the first store is out of the product you are seeking you can easily get to the
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next one see if they have it. The deals are certainly out there. I am very glad I spotted the one I mentioned above. It has definitely has opened my eyes to extreme couponing and I now watch for ways to save everywhere I go. I am also teaching my girls how to comparison shop and extreme coupon. Watching for and finding such deals will affect the bottom line of my budget for years to come.
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