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I watched them talk and i remember thinking that

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saying she needed to tell her something in private. I watched them talk and I remember thinking that something bad was going to happen. Then I saw Jamie run inside and the other girl came back over to me. She told me very bluntly that Jamie had said that she didn't want to be friends with me any more. I was devastated. My best friend in the whole world was ditching me without any reason. At the time, I didn't understand because I couldn't understand why someone would do that. Around the time that friendship ended, I became friends with another girl, Zoe. She and the friends that she already had would play with Beanie Babies during recess and, even though they weren't as “cool” as Jamie had been, I liked them a lot. They let me play with them in a class where I didn't really know anyone. They accepted me at a time in my life where that was very important to my self- worth. As the year went on, we got very close. Having good friends around the age of pre-teen years and the beginnings of adolescence is extremely important. This is the time when social and emotional development is at a really crucial point. Up until now, children have had a generally positive outlook on themselves. But at this vulnerable age, children can begin to lose their self-esteem. Even though our friendship started out based on having someone to play a certain game with during free-time, it came to mean much more. Zoe, to this day, it still one of my best friends. Zoe formed the basis of my core group of friends that held pretty steady through middle and high school. There were several of us, and we all got along very well. None of us were “popular”, but we liked each other enough to stay friends for many years. Being in this specific group of friends definitely influenced my preferences through the rest of my development. We all were very focused on doing well in school. We didn't drink or go out and party. We were not typical jocks or athletes, though all of us had a hobby or an activity that we were dedicated to. And definitely none of us dated or even thought about dating until well into high school.
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My peer relationships got out to a rocky start. In early childhood, my friends were people I was
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