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Why do managers do what they do

Willmott h 1994 bringing agency back into organiza

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Willmott, H. (1994). 'Bringing Agency back into Organiza- tional Analysis: Responding to the Crisis of (Post)Mod- ernity'. In: J. Hassard and M. Parker (eds). Towards a New Theory of Organizations, pp. 87-130. Routledge, London. Willmott, H. (1997). 'Rethinking Management and Man- agerial Work: Capitalism, Control and Subjectivity', Human Retations, 50(1), pp. 1329-1359. Zaleznik, A. (1964). 'Managerial Behaviour and Interpersonal Competence', Behaviourat Science, 9, pp. 156-166.
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