While there is scant evidence that on campus sexual assault is more or less

While there is scant evidence that on campus sexual

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While there is scant evidence that on-campus sexual assault is more or less prevalent than in the past, the storm of attention has forced university administrators to pay more attention to a largely unfamiliar set of duties, more akin to social work and criminal justice than to education. GRE 】: The best aluminum ore is bauxite, defined as aggregates of aluminous minerals, more or less impure, in which aluminum is present as hydrated oxides. 最好的铝矿石是铝土矿,它被定义为有些许不纯的含铝矿石的聚合物,铝在其中主要以 水合氧化物形式存在。 all but 几乎是 【释义】: You use all but to say that something is almost the case. 【例句】: The cases have stirred deep racial tensions, but the reactions of the white majority were all but silent. GRE 】: Salazar’s presence in the group w as so reassuring to the others that they lost most of their earlier trepidation; failure, for them, became all but unthinkable. Salazar 在团体中的存在让其他成员如此安心以至于他们之前的胆怯都不复存在;对于他 们而言,失败几乎是不可想象的。 break down 分解 【释义】: When a substance breaks down or when something breaks it down, a biological or chemical process causes it to separate into the substances which make it up. 【例句】: It has been long known that certain bacteria can break down rotting waste to produce energy, but the commercial prospect of such processes hasn't drawn adequate attention until recently. GRE 】: These acids are a metabolic product of certain gram-positive members of the cutaneous community, which break down the more complex lipids in freshly secreted sebum. 这些酸性物质是某种革兰氏阳性皮肤菌的代谢产物,它们能够在新分泌的皮脂中分解更 为复杂的脂类物质。 Unit 10 get credit for 因…而受到好评 【释义】: If you get credit for something, you receive acknowledgment or praise for some accomplishment. 【例句】: Soldiers on the frontline fought and died, but it is politicians back home who got credit for winning the war. GRE 】: The social sciences are less likely than other intellectual enterprises to get credit for their accomplishments. 比起其他学科,社会科学不太容易因为它们的成就而受到好评。 take up 承担,开始做 【释义】: If you take up an activity or a subject, you become interested in it and spend time doing it, either as a hobby or as a career. 【例句】: I am not particularly willing to take up a competitive sport because that will increase the
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微臣教育 琦叔团队 专注 GRE 咨询电话: 010-82484015 【陈琦团队】微臣教育 专注 GRE 010-82484015 chances of severe injuries.
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