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A gap between what the company provides and what the

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A gap between what the company provides and what the customer is told it provides. Alec had his gall bladder removed, but he was unconscious during the operation. In fact, even though he has an incision, he really has no way of knowing if the service was actually performed even after it was allegedly performed. That is because medical services such as this exhibit _____ qualities. Credence If a customer expects to wait three hours for an auto repair but is told that the repair is finished just one hour later, the customer's evaluation of service quality will be high. However, a two-day wait would result in a lower evaluation. The two-day wait would illustrate a gap between: the service customers receive and the service they want All of the following are service components customers use to evaluate service quality EXCEPT: Validity
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Refer to Grizzly watching. The bear watching tour customers want high quality service. The customers going on bear watching tours want to see some bears but also spend most of their time engaging in group activities with their friends on the tour, such as trekking, backpacking, fishing, canoeing, or hiking. The Great Bear Nature Tours Management is aware that the customers want high quality tours but thinks that the customers measure quality only on the number of bears they see on a tour. This could result in which service quality gap? A gap between what customers want and what management thinks customers want. Monday and Tuesday nights are traditionally slow nights in the restaurant business. So LaRosa's Italian Restaurant offers "all-you-can-eat spaghetti night" on Mondays and Tuesdays. For the price of a regular spaghetti dinner, customers can eat all the spaghetti they want on those nights. Because it is focusing on coordinating supply and demand by varying prices, the restaurant is using a(n) _____ pricing objective for service firms. operations-oriented As is the case with any health care service provider, most of the work of Lakeland's staff is directed at the patient. This is an example of _______ processing. People Refer to Boutique Hotels. To evaluate the quality provided by boutique hotels, customers can only assess the quality only after staying. This is which quality characteristic? experience
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