Direction Supervision and Review Ref Para 11 A14 The nature timing and extent

Direction supervision and review ref para 11 a14 the

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Direction, Supervision and Review (Ref: Para. 11) A14. The nature, timing and extent of the direction and supervision of engagement team members and review of their work vary depending on many factors, including: The size and complexity of the entity. The area of the audit. The assessed risks of material misstatement (for example, an increase in the assessed risk of material misstatement for a given area of the audit ordinarily requires a corresponding increase in the extent and timeliness of direction and supervision of engagement team members, and a more detailed review of their work). The capabilities and competence of the individual team members performing the audit work. PSA 220 contains further guidance on the direction, supervision and review of audit work. 9 Considerations Specific to Smaller Entities A15. If an audit is carried out entirely by the engagement partner, questions of direction and supervision of engagement team members and review of their work do not arise. In such cases, the engagement partner, having personally conducted all aspects of the work, will be aware of all material issues. Forming an objective view on the appropriateness of the judgments made in the course of the audit can present practical problems when the same individual also performs the entire audit. If particularly complex or unusual issues are involved, and the audit is performed by a sole practitioner, it may be desirable to consult with other suitably-experienced auditors or the auditor’s professional body. Documentation (Ref: Para. 12) A16. The documentation of the overall audit strategy is a record of the key decisions considered necessary to properly plan the audit and to communicate significant matters to the engagement team. For example, the auditor may summarize the overall audit strategy in the form of a memorandum that contains key decisions regarding the overall scope, timing and conduct of the audit. 9 PSA 220, paragraphs 15–17. PSA 300
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