Due to workflow being standardized and centrally

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Due to workflow being standardized and centrally located, materials handling requirements are reduced, enabling workers to concentrate on production rather than on moving parts between machines. There are also quicker response times to quality problems within cells which improves the overall quality level. Some cells may have high volume of production while other cells have lower volumes which leads to poorly balanced cells. These cells may also require duplication of identical machinery thus needing increased capital investment. 2.4.2 Not only is it important to effectively design the overall facility layout. It is equally important to focus on the design of individual workstations and the jobs performed by the workforce. What questions should be addressed when designing a workplace for an individual worker? (4) How much space is required for the individual, taking size, length and dexterity into consideration? What technology will be required to complete the work/tasks? How will the work be carried out, what does are required and how much time is spend on each task? What visual and audio would the employee require accessibility too? What environmental and safety matters need to be addressed?
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