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BLAW 201, CH 13 Ques

Spoof sold the horse to tucker since tucker was very

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this, provided the money would be returned to Tucker when the joke was discovered. Spoof sold the horse to Tucker, since Tucker was very much taken with the appearance of the horse. It developed that the horse was a very fast track horse, and worth $150,000. Upon learning this fact, Wilson and Spoof seized the horse and planned to retain it. Tucker brings suit. What is the defense of Wilson and Spoof? (a) Decide the case. Explain. (b) Would your decision be the same if the subjective theory of contacts were applied? Explain. 4.) On March 1, 1962, the Clay Products Company wrote Potter offering to supply up to five million bricks at the rate of $128 per thousand, and expressly agreeing to keep the offer open until May 1. On April 1 the Clay Products Company wrote Potter withdrawing their proposition, and Potter received this letter on April 2. On April 3 Potter wrote the Clay Products Company stating that he accepted their proposition and renouncing their attempt to withdraw the offer, in as much as they had given Potter two months in which to accept. When called upon to deliver the bricks, Clay Products Company refused to do so and Potter sued. (a) Decide and explain, assuming the case is not governed by statute. (b) Would your answer remain the same if the transaction is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code? Explain. 5.) On November 10, Wilson sent a letter to Barnes to sell Barnes a certain quantity of potatoes at a given price. In the offer it was stated that the offer would remain open until November 22. After receiving the offer on November 12, Barnes immediately wired an acceptance, which was delayed because of a storm and was not received by Wilson until November 15. On November 11, Wilson had sent a revocation of his offer by mail which was received by Barnes on November 14. Wilson refused to sell the potatoes, whereupon Barnes brought suit. Judgment for whom?
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6.) Well Oil Co. offered to sell Vincent a parcel of land in a distant state at a certain price.
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