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GWST 374 Response Paper #2

But how did the judge know who was lying in order to

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their families, friends, and/or the community. But how did the judge know who was lying in order to decide the outcome of the case? I would think that they really had no way of knowing. It just seems like whoever had the most witnesses on their side or the stronger reasoning for their case became the winning side. Threatening to poison and adultery were very big offenses and the courts often ruled in the victim’s favor. But interestingly enough, since there was usually no evidence, couldn’t a husband or wife ask or even bribe people to make up stories that would convince the courts to rule in their favor? People could even slightly exaggerate their stories in order for the judge to rule in their favor. Without proof there’s really no way of knowing who was telling the truth. One interesting thing I found was that in the case of Faustina Gradenigo, her husband, Carlo de Cappo, had slept with his servant and she became pregnant. The “common solution to which nobleman resorted when their servants became pregnant” was to dower her with a certain amount of ducats. But in the case of Antonia, the woman accused of adultery, she was sent to jail because infidelity was not acceptable. So why was it acceptable and “common” for a male to impregnate his servant and not receive punishment, but not acceptable for a young lonely wife to commit adultery? The same double standard remains as the one we discussed in “Sisters and Workers in the Middle Ages”. It is acceptable for men to act on their strong sexual urges, but not for women to
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do so. Carlo de Cappo should have been imprisoned just as Antonia was. The text also says “dowering a single, pregnant woman and marrying her off restored her honor and reintegrated her into the community.” So if you have a child out of wedlock but are married off by your child’s father, you fit right back into society as if nothing happened. This is unfair to the women who commit adultery because they get thrown into prison while the others are reintegrated back into society. It’s clear that a double standard existed throughout history and I believe it still exists today.
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But how did the judge know who was lying in order to decide...

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