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0 / 1 pts 9 Which of the following statements about Matteo Ricci's life is NOT correct? Matteo Ricci became a well­respected scholar of Confucianism in Ming China In order to make Christianity acceptable to the Chinese elite, Ricci emphasized the role of ethics and downplayed discussion of theologyYou Answered You Answered
8/23/2018L12 Quiz: [17SU-1] ASIA 100, Sec MRG: What Is Asia? (WC, Yang) Matteo Ricci was the first Protestant missionary in China orrect Answer orrect Answer Ricci's accounts of China and India were important sources of knowledge about Asia among Europeans during the European Enlightenment Ricci had spent some time in Goa before arriving in China 1 / 1 pts 10 Who was Matteo Ricci?
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