If your application has a lot of market traction and youve continued to update

If your application has a lot of market traction and

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new errors. If your application has a lot of market traction and you’ve continued to update it as the Android platform has matured, you’re more likely to want to consider the Android Support Package. Your users may demand it. You can certainly continue to support your legacy application and create a separate new-and-improved version that uses the new platform features, but this means organizing and managing different source code branches and different application packages, and it complicates application publication and reporting, not to mention maintenance. Better to revise your existing application to use the Android Support Library Package and do your best to keep your single code base manageable. The size and resources of your organization may be contributing factors to the decision here.
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Adding Fragment Support to Legacy Applications (Cont’d) Just because you start using the Android Support Library Package in your applications does not mean you have to implement every new feature (fragments, loaders, and so on) immediately. You can simply pick and choose the features that make the most sense for your application and add others over time via application updates when your team has the resources and inclination. Choosing not to update your code to new controls could leave your legacy application looking dated compared to other applications. If your application is already completely customized and isn’t using stock controls often the case with games and other highly graphical apps your application may not need updating. If, however, you conform to stock system controls, look, and feel, it may be more important for your application to get a fresh look.
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Using Fragments in New Applications Targeting Older Platforms Here are some reasons why you should use fragments if you are starting to develop a new application: Regardless of what devices and platforms you are targeting now, there will be new ones in the future that you cannot foresee. Fragments give you the flexibility to easily adjust your user interface screen workflows without rewriting or retesting all your application code. Incorporating the Android Support Library Package into your applications early means that if other important platform features are added later, you’ll easily be able to update the libraries and start using them. By using the Android Support Library Package, your application will not show its age nearly as quickly since you will be incorporating the newer features of the platform and providing them to users on older platforms.
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