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Post Lab 10 Discussion

Our final product produced an alkene double bond

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spectra picked up. Our final product produced an alkene (double bond), which was actually supposed to be a alkyne (triple bond). A carbon was lost meaning that the product was reduced. We ended up with both cis and trans configurations of two benzene rings attached by a double bond, which is called stilbene. 4. Based on all four different types of spectra’s, the reaction did not go as planned and therefor did not reach completion. A reduced product was formed instead of the expected, which was 3-phenyl-1-propyne-benzene. There were also no starting materials that ended up in the product, however there were many new materials that were found (stated up above).
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5. All three products that were indicated on the GC could possibly be carbon containing side products, since there was no actual product formed. However, the cis/trans alkene would technically be the main carbon containing side product since had the greatest amount. It also had reduced products that came along with it. The explanations for why this happened can’t fully be explained. Only guesses can be made; perhaps the ammonium and amides were poor acid choses because of their sterically unhindered structure. 6. The reaction mechanism that was attempted to be formed should have started with the removal of the bromide, leaving group, creating a positive charged cation. Then the ammonium acid comes in and deprotanating the phenylacetylene, creating a negative charge. Then the positive and negative charges of both the starting material join together to form the product. The mechanism of the reaction that was actually formed cannot be identified from the information obtained so far. 7.
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Our final product produced an alkene double bond which was...

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