··? 8(403 635 17 2 = 13 962 803 we can also get

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Unformatted text preview: + ··· +8 * (403- 635 . 17) 2 = 13 , 962 , 803. We can also get SSCultivar by subtracting SSError from SSTotal. Source df SS MS F p-value Cultivar 5 13,962,803 2,792,561 26.5 < . 001 Error 42 4,427,213 105,409.8 Total 47 18,390,020 No, this analysis does not provide evidence that the 5 oca cultivars do not all have the same mean. The significant p- value could be due to the rhubarb having a different mean than all the oca cultivars, but the 5 ocas’ means could all be the same. (b) From the residual vs. fitted values plot, we see that the rhubard residuals are way larger than the oca residuals. It is also suggested by the large SD in the rhubarb sample (785), about 10 times bigger than those in the oca sam- ples (41-72). The large rhubarb residuals appear as large outliers (positive and negative) in the normal scores plot. That’s what makes plot unusual. Independence assumption: not met. Duplicate values are ’nested’ within tubers or stalks. There are really only 4 independent tubers and 4 independent stalks. But all 8 ob- servations within each sample are not all independent....
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