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Internet backbone html 3 a collection of high speed

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Internet backbone (HTML 3) a collection of high-speed data lines that connect major computer systems located around the world. Internet service provider (ISP) (HTML 3) a company that has a permanent connection to the internet backbone. Internet site (HTML 5) a site that is generally available to the public.
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intranet (HTML 5) a private network that uses internet technologies to share company information among employees. linear (HTML 17) a straight line structure. link (HTML 7) an element that connects one Web page to another. log (HTML 25) markup (HTML 8) set of special instructions. network (HTML 3) a collection of two or more computers that are connected to share resources or information. platform independent (HTML 8) meaning you can create , or code, an HTML file on one type of computer and then use a browser or another type of computer to view that file as a Web page. publishing (HTML 4)copying the Web page or associated files such as graphics and audio to a Web server . stress testing (HTML 24) determines what happens the your Web site when a greater number of users access the site. style (HTML 11) a rule that defines the appearance of a Web site element.
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