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79 the shareholding qualification for directors may

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79. The shareholding qualification for directors may be fixed by the company in general meeting, and unless and until so fixed no qualification shall be required.
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80. A director of the company may be or become a director or other officer of, or otherwise interested in, any company promoted by the company or in which the company may be interested as shareholder or otherwise, and, subject to the Ordinance, no such director shall be accountable to the company for any remuneration or other benefits received by him as a director or officer of, or from his interest in, such other company unless the company otherwise direct. Borrowing Powers 81. The directors may exercise all the powers of the company to borrow money, and to mortgage or charge its undertaking, property and uncalled capital, or any part thereof, and to issue debentures , debenture stock, and, subject to section 57B of the Ordinance, convertible debentures and convertible debenture stock, and other securities whether outright or as security for any debt, liability or obligation of the company or of any third party: Provided that the amount for the time being remaining undischarged of moneys borrowed or secured by the directors as aforesaid (apart from temporary loans obtained from the company 's bankers in the ordinary course of business) shall not at any time, without the previous sanction of the company in general meeting, exceed the nominal amount of the share capital of the company for the time being issued, but nevertheless no lender or other person dealing with the company shall be concerned to see or inquire whether this limit is observed. No debt incurred or security given in excess of such limit shall be invalid or ineffectual except in the case of express notice to the lender or the recipient of the security at the time when the debt was incurred or security given that the limit hereby imposed had been or was thereby exceeded. Powers and Duties of Directors 82. Subject to the provisions of the Ordinance, the memorandum and articles and to any directions given by special resolution, the business and affairs of the company shall be managed by the directors , who may exercise all the powers of the company . No alteration of the memorandum or articles and no such direction shall invalidate any prior act of the directors which would have been valid if that alteration had not been made or that direction had not been given. The powers given by this regulation shall not be limited by any special power given to the directors by the articles , and a meeting of the directors at which a quorum is present may exercise all powers exercisable by the directors . (Replaced 28 of 2003 s. 115) 83. The directors may from time to time and at any time by power of attorney appoint any company , firm or person or body of persons, whether nominated directly or indirectly by the directors , to be the attorney or attorneys of the company for such purposes and with such powers, authorities and discretions (not exceeding those vested in or exercisable by the directors
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