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Incorporated owners io prepare a report about how to

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Incorporated Owners (IO) Prepare a report about how to establish the IO and advise how Ecotect, Map 3D and Archibus can be applied in the property and facility management for your project. Overall Arrangement The class is divided into groups of 8 or 9 students. Each group is to select a site to form a common base for the given tasks. Basic briefing/training sessions will be conducted to familiarize students with the methodology and areas of consideration for each task. The tasks are to be performed in the given sequence and time frame. Supervision and consultation will be made available during the entire process. Mid-way through the project, an Interim Report is required from each group for assessment by the Subject Leader. Towards the end of the Semester, each group shall present their work in the form of a concise written report with full working details. A final assessment will then be made on overall group performance for this subject
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BRE275 Integrated Project (2018/19) Project Guide Page 3 Supervisors Dr Hung-Lin Chi (Subject Leader) Selection of Site The site to be selected by each group shall have been designated for a building project of private residential use. The building shall be one which either is sold during construction or was sold after completion. Students should get hold of the building plans, site plans and outline specifications for the selected projects on their own. For those students with previous working experience, they can try to obtain the necessary information from their established network with approval from the companies concerned on the use of such information for academic purpose. Another useful source of such information would be the sales brochure of developments which have been put on the real estate market recently and are available in their sales websites. Make reference to the materials available on the Sales of First-hand Residential Properties Electronic Platform (SRPE) on the first-hand residential property market: Based on the building design contained in those existing building plans, site plans, outline specifications and documentations, students shall work on the given tasks using a teamwork approach. Since the focus of this Integrated Project is not on building design, the adoption of an existing building design will allow students to formulate their response to the given tasks more effectively and realistically. Students should ensure that the sites selected for this project should be unique and not duplicative among all the groups. One week after the first briefing session (Week 3), the representative of each group shall submit the name and address of the selected private residential development project to Subject Leader for central collection and screening via email (use Appendix B Form of Student Grouping and Project Selection).
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