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Lecture 15

C fancy pyramids emerge 700 years later get fancy

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-200 B.C.-fancy pyramids emerge -700 years later, get fancy stone carvings sign of urban life -spread of Islam: 1200-1400 A.D. when Islam is well established and beginnings of a truly global trade world. VIBRANT TRADE AREAS. 1 st year of the Islamic calendar is 622 A.D. but there are place in Africa that are already cities and they traded together a lot. that is how the Islamic culture flourished in Africa because of trade. -Jenne-jeno in Malli: in Africa were rich from trade from gold, it was a long lived archeological site, at least a 1000 years of occupation, iron making one here too -Timbuktu-centers of trading -Zimbabwe-where the stone towers that had trade relationship with the coast and a lot of GOLD and IVORY were being traded and in demand and shipped it to Arab cities. -Gedi-another coastal trading sites. -also traded with China -this was all happening long before the Europeans like Columbus came and knew about this whole place (1500 A.D.) -Code of Arms of South Africa-reconciliation of these white south Africans and black south Africans. Went to archaeological rock art to find inspiration for the designs. shows how archaeology help people.
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