Warm and welcoming room 23 Refreshments offered 24 Lead in conversation before

Warm and welcoming room 23 refreshments offered 24

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Warm and welcoming room 2.3. Refreshments offered 2.4. Lead in conversation before negotiation begins 3. Active listening 3.1. Attentive 3.2. Don’t interrupt 3.3. Good posture 3.4. Maintain eye contact 3.5. Reflective listening 4. Questioning techniques 4.1. Direct 4.2. Indirect 4.3. Open-ended
_________________________________________________________________________________ TR Web Development NC III (Version 00) Promulgated February 27, 2018 11 EVIDENCE GUIDE 1. Critical aspects of Competency Assessment requires evidence that the candidate: 1.1 Demonstrated sufficient knowledge of the factors influencing negotiation to achieve agreed outcome 1.2 Participated in negotiation with at least one person to achieve an agreed outcome 2. Resource Implications The following resources should be provided: 2.1 Room with facilities necessary for the negotiation process 2.2 Human resources (negotiators) 3. Methods of Assessment Competency in this unit may be assessed through: 3.1 Observation/demonstration and questioning 3.2 Portfolio assessment 3.3 Oral and written questioning 3.4 Third party report 4. Context for Assessment 4.1 Competency to be assessed in real work environment or in a simulated workplace setting.