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MGMT 305 week 4 DB

Decision support system on the other hand uses data

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Decision Support System, on the other hand, uses data and analysis to determine what the best options are for the business and how proper actions should be taken. This system can be used either internally or externally. There are a number of components within the Decision Support System that allows it function the way it does. This includes facilitation, interaction, and task-oriented activities within the system. Facilitation is the collection of proper data. Without this component, the system would let all data in without any filter and provide inaccurate and even useless information. The interaction component allows the information to be shared between the software and the hardware of the system. This lets the systems talk to one another and assigns tasks to the correct area. Finally, there is the task-oriented activities component. This part of the system allows the tasks to know when they need to be activated. Some tasks would need to be engaged multiple times during the day or when a certain action occurs within the system – or even a combination of the two (Vitez, 2013). One moment when the Decision Support System would be used is when processing orders for certain customers who have special shipping instructions. The DSS would gather the information given from the customer during their checkout. The system would then filter that data into their
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