Biased A disabled Mr Singh is facing problems in doing physical jobs Unbiased

Biased a disabled mr singh is facing problems in

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Biased: A disabled Mr. Singh is facing problems in doing physical jobs. Unbiased: Mr. Singh’s physical disabilities cause him a problem of doing physical jobs. Disability bias can be avoided by using the person first in the sentence and then the disability, like saying “person with physical disabilities” rather than “Disabled person”. Outdated terminology like, crippled or retarded should never be used in any business message. Conclusion Biased sentences create chaos and tension among the audiences and leads to loss of attention to the speaker. A business message should never use any biased language, unless and until it is highly necessary for using the same. The person addressing the audience should not only be unbiased from his beliefs, but also from his appearance as the same is also perceived by the audience.
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