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19 the lobes of the cortex that are primarily

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___________________________ 19. The lobes of the cortex that are primarily involved in our sense of touch. The sensory cortex is located here. __________________ lobes. 20. The part of the nervous system that is not made up of the central nervous system. It is made up of the nerves that connect the central nervous system to the rest of the body. ______________________ 21. Chemical messengers that cross the synaptic gap. When released, they bind to receptor sites on the receiving neuron and create action potential. ________________________ 22. The lobes of the brain responsible for judgment, speaking, muscle movement, and personality. __________________ lobes. 23. Drugs that mimic the effects of neurotransmitters. __________________ 24. The "little brain" that is attached to the brainstem. It is involved in voluntary movement, balance, and implicit memory. __________________ 25. The part of the limbic system involved in eating, drinking, and sexual behavior. _____________________ 26. This is the intricate quilt of "grey matter" that covers the brain. It is what makes us "thinking beings". ____________________ cortex 27. This part of the left hemisphere allows us to understand language. ______________ area
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